alice in wonderland costumes hot item for halloween 2010

With Alice coming out in March 2010, it’s no wonder that there a bunch of Alice In Wonderland themed costumes available in stores and online. And, with today’s trend towards sexy, it’s no wonder that there’s a variety of sexy Alice costumes available. If you’re thinking about being a character from this movie, check out the suggestions below and see if one suits your fancy!
Johnny Depp was fantastic as the Mad Hatter in the movie, but the costume can also work for women. And, since the Mad Hatter was male, why not stir things up with a female version? The simplest route for this is to purchase a standard costume, and just be a women wearing it. But, there are a number of costumes out there that have been made with women in mind. There are skirts and dresses, and even different colored outfits, instead of the rusty brown Depp’s character wore.
If you do go with a standard costume, spruce it up a bit! Tie a bright scarf or ribbon around the hat to change the colour of the hat band. Use large flashy costume jewelry as accents. You can check out your local second hand store for good, affordable options. Use glitter in your makeup or body lotion to add shimmer. Or, use different shoes and stocking to add variety.
The variations on Alice are pretty endless this year. Even though in the movie she’s not dressed sexily, the number of sexy Alice costumes available are staggering. And, if you want people to take notice, one of these costumes will certainly do that. They have costumes made of vinyl, satin, lace, and other materials, and with frilly skirts and lots of lace trim. Some come off the shoulder, and others come with halter tops, or completely sleeveless.
Whether you want to bare a little skin, or a lot, the character of Alice has several versatile looks. You could choose the iconic blue dress from both the 2010 movie and the Disney animated movie, or you could choose one of the other outfits she wears, like the voluminous blue dress. While finding the other outfits as a pre-made costume might be difficult, you could always try your local second hand store, or a vintage consignment shop. Most Alice costumes are blue, so look for blue dresses in an older style. Pair with white stockings and long blonde hair held back with a headband (your own or a wig), and most people will be able to guess your costume.